Hi there, I'm Drew.

Iā€™m a professional video editor with over 6 years experience taking features, shorts, pilots and web series from raw footage to market ready products. Currently I am the Lead Editor and Distribution Manager at Stonestreet Studios, along with a steady stream of freelance project for clients all over the world.

Career highlights

  • Speaking on a panel for NYC Independent Film Festival

  • Giving a regular series of lectures on film editing and theory for TISCH NYU students.

  • Working on an animated web show with 1M + views.

In my personal life I'm an amateur cartoonist, chef, and documentarian of New York nightlife. Check out my continuing attempts to stay upbeat in the big city on my Instagram @drewdidthis.

Get in Touch

Drew Robinson

Phone: 347.545.2818

Email: Onedrewthree@gmail.com